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  • What is Legend TV?
    We offer the best Internet Protocol Television streaming service designed for live TV lovers, Movie and Series addict. Our service includes FHD, HD, and SD quality to meet all needs. - Live TV Stream inclusive of more than 10000 channels worldwide. - Live Cinema Channels. - Free Up-to-Date Movies added every day. - Free most wanted Series and VoD.
  • What do I need to run Legend TV?
    All you need is to subscribe for a premium package of your desire. Upon successful online payment, a URL. Username, and Password will be provided to you. Prerequisites: 1- Fast Internet Connection (20Mbps or higher) to stream FHD and HD quality. 2- An online subscription to our service. 3- An app to run on your mobile or SmartTV. Please check "How to Setup" for your favorite selection.
  • Can I run Legend TV on multiple devices?
    Your account allows to run only on one (1) device simultaneously! Contact us to upgrade the same account for multiple connections for a determined upgrade fee. Note: You can configure your account on multiple devices, but can run only on one if you have opted for the one (1) connection per account.
  • Do you offer Reseller Programs and Restream?
    Enter your answer here
  • When does my subscription become active? And how long does it last?
    Your subscription becomes active from the moment you receive your activation/ online link. Depending on your package selection your link will last either 3 months, 12 months, or 13 months.
  • Do you support Firestick, Enigma, and MAG devices?"
    Yes. Titans TV Service link is universal and can be used on any app or device that supports M3U Link.
  • Some channels broken, or keep reconnecting?"
    Yes, we guarantee 95% of the channels to be working at any moment. We have included as well backup channels for your convenience.
  • Do you support channel recording?
    This depends on the app you are running. Android devices running IPTV Smarters Pro are supported.
  • Can I use chromecast to run live TV?
    Yes. However, this depends if the app has a built-in chromecast support. Our streaming format is supported to run smoothly on any chromecast device.
  • Do you offer refund?
    Unfortunately we don't. Once you purchase, your link will be active until it expires.
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